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GoldSilver Review

goldsilver logo
Official WebsiteGoldSilver.com
Phone Support1-888-319-8166
BCA Accredited RatingAAA (On a scale of AAA to F)
BBB Accredited RatingNo rating (On a scale of A+ to F)
TrustLink Reviewstl_5stars_lg(Based on 3 Reviews)
Fraud LawsuitNil
IRA Transfer ProcessNot Disclosed
401(K) Rollover ProcessNot Disclosed
Metals DeliveryNot Disclosed
Setup FeesUnknown
Annual Admin FeesUnknown
Annual Storage FeesGold - Acc value X 0.0020, Min $300;
Silver - Acc value x 0.0050, Min $420
Preferred CustodianAmerican Estate & Trust,
GoldStar Trust,
New Direction IRA
Preferred DepositoryBrinks
Min Purchase AmountNot Disclosed

GoldSilver is an online merchant of precious metals. The organization was dispatched by the creator of “Manual for Investing in Gold and Silver”, Michael Maloney. Maloney keeps on heading the organization, and the site offers a glance at his speculation belief system. Established in 2005, the organization is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Notwithstanding offering silver and gold bullion, the organization likewise offers buyback of both metals. They are additionally known for giving a bit of their returns to reserve destitute restoration administrations in their general vicinity.

Valuable Metals Selection

GoldSilver’s choice of metals is fairly restricted when contrasted with bigger firms. For most financial specialists, however, their determination is sufficient to address speculation issues. No platinum or palladium are sold through the site, however there are a few decisions for both silver bars and coins and gold ventures.

Gold choices incorporate gold bars, bullion coins and etc. The coins are constrained just to the most prominent bullion, principally the Gold Eagle from America and the Gold Maple Leaf from Canada. The Austrian Gold Philharmonic and South Africa’s Krugerrand are likewise sold on the site. They offer coins from 1/10 of an ounce up to one troy ounce. Gold bars start at one ounce, and the biggest are 400 ounces. There are likewise a few sizes between.

Silver choices incorporate four coins. These are the Silver Eagle, the Liberty Round, the Silver Maple Leaf and the Silver Philharmonic. They offer silver bars in ten ounce and 100 ounce weights.

Installment Methods

For online buys through GoldSilver.com, a Visa is required. Clients can’t, on the other hand, pay for their whole request by means of Visa. Rather, the card is utilized just for the introductory store. A platinum card is additionally satisfactory. This store is ordinarily somewhere around 5 and 15 percent of the request all out.

The introductory store will hold your request at the present cost until your full installment is cleared. This installment must be profited request, individual check or bank wire exchange. Individual checks may take up to a week to be prepared and clear, and a cash request can be a bother. The organization rather suggests making a wire exchange. This must be done inside 48 hours of the first buy, and is handled instantly.

Least Order Limits

One drawback to GoldSilver is the points of confinement they put on purchasers with their base request rules. The littlest venture a purchaser can make through the site will cost a few thousand dollars. Much of the time, you must buy at least 500 coins. This could without much of a stretch be a $20,000 venture, and is frequently significantly more than individuals are hoping to spend.

Discovering the right organization to trust with your valuable metal ventures is an extremely individual decision. GoldSilver.com has both favorable circumstances and weaknesses when contrasted with different dealers on the web. On the off chance that you are going to rollover your retirement asset to a gold sponsored IRA, we emphatically propose you to scan our other top prescribed organizations on the site to see which gold organization best fits your own venture needs.

United Gold Direct Review

Official Websitewww.UnitedGoldDirect.com
Phone Support1-888-502-3222
BCA Accredited RatingN/A
BBB Accredited RatingA+ (On a scale of A+ to F)
TrustLink Reviewstl_5stars_lg(Based on 17 reviews)
Fraud LawsuitNil
IRA Transfer Process7-21 Business Days
401(K) Rollover Process21-28 Business Days
Metals DeliveryUnknown
Setup Fees$75 + Fees
Annual Admin Fees$95
Annual Storage Fees$100-$250 (Scaled)
Preferred CustodianSelf directed IRA service
Preferred DepositoryDelaware Depository
Min Purchase Amount$5,000

With soaring swelling and a stagnating economy, putting resources into money markets can fundamentally lessen the estimation of your Individual Retirement Fund (IRA). Accordingly, it is basic to take precautionary measures and secure your retirement by putting resources into gold. As per the mainstream monetary news source Wealth Daily, the cost of gold tends to ascend amid times of vulnerability. As financial downturns are unavoidable, putting resources into valuable metals will empower you to keep up and even build the estimation of your IRA through years of monetary stagnation or downturn. A standout amongst the most noticeable techniques for changing over a bit of your IRA into gold is through a Gold IRA organization, for example, United Gold Direct.


united gold directThis organization is a California based firm that gives administration all through the United States. While the organization does not distinguish the year of foundation or the author, the firm has been doing business for around 25 years. Beside gold, the organization additionally offers speculation administrations in silver and platinum. Likewise, the organization is additionally an individual from different money related associations that emphasis on gold and coin rating administrations. Such enrollment, as the organization states, is expected to serve the contributing open and better give knowledge on the numismatic calling.


Customers are doled out to a “Record Executive,” and have entry to the organization’s staff of numismatists, which are people that study the estimation of gold and different metals. The Account Executives that customers are combined with are intended to coordinate the customer some time recently, amid, and after their interest in all gold related matters. Not at all like numerous venture organizations, this organization does not unveil speculation systems, client stages, et cetera. In any case, what the organization seems to illuminate clients about is the dependable administration that they can hope to get.


Both the Better Business Bureau and the Ripoff Report are the standard offices that rank and survey a business’ morals and their consumer loyalty. Starting with the BBB, the firm meets their standard of positive business rehearses, as the organization satisfies the greater part of the essential prerequisites. It is likewise appraised as an “authorize business.” regarding the Ripoff Report, the rating is significantly more depressing. There are right now various reports that are dynamic against the firm, a couple of which claim that the organization is a trick.

While United Gold may appear to be a promising organization, the grievances that have been imposed against it extraordinarily decrease the company’s authenticity and remaining in the gold speculation group. Thusly, in the event that you are considering contributing, it is important to be as educated as could be expected under the circumstances about speculation organizations.

As your retirement asset is your future, it is prescribed that intensive contemplations are made before contributing. To facilitate the procedure and to better give you the data you require, we have given various organizations that have surpassed our norms. These organizations can be situated at our landing page, and are really known not the best in the business as far as customer fulfillment, moral practices, and aptitude.

Republic Monetary Exchange Review

Official Websitewww.RepublicMonetary.com
Phone Support877-354-4040
BCA Accredited RatingN/A
BBB Accredited RatingN/A
TrustLink ReviewsN/A
Fraud LawsuitNil
IRA Transfer ProcessUnknown
401(K) Rollover ProcessUnknown
Metals DeliveryUnknown
Setup FeesNot Disclosed
Annual Admin FeesNot Disclosed
Annual Storage FeesNot Disclosed
Preferred CustodianSunwest Trust
Preferred DepositoryBrinks
Min Purchase AmountNo minimum

Being very nearly retirement, or in reality as of now being settled in the arms of those Golden Years, can be a period in which individuals genuinely ponder the shrewdness of their speculations. There absolutely is by all accounts a developing pattern in moving over to a gold-sponsored IRA, rather than inclining toward paper speculations. More financial specialists are seeing the potential in a venture store that is sponsored by something physical that is of a high esteem. Republic Monetary Exchange is an organization that is centered around giving financial specialists any data they have to make a savvy, lucrative choice.

Customary Investments can be Unstable

It has been proposed that customary IRAs can be somewhat dangerous. Stocks, bonds, and securities are altogether reliant on the economy. Money downgrading and hyper-swelling specifically influence these sorts of speculations, which implies that conventional IRAs are defenseless to the impacts of business sector swings. Truth be told, later money related emergencies have left numerous customary speculators with almost no in their records — a genuine bad dream for anybody near retirement.

Valuable metals, gold specifically, have stood the test of time as far as venture potential. Gold does not take after business sector patterns. Rather, the estimation of gold has ended up being especially high all through history. If one somehow managed to consider the way that, by and large, gold ventures made in 1997 have developed by no less than 30%, it is clear this valuable metal is a strong alternative.

Despite the fact that the estimation of the American dollar has varied at a practically disturbing rate in the course of the most recent decade or something like that, the estimation of gold has kept on expanding consistently.

Least/Maximum Investments, Gold Storage, and Fees

Republic Monetary ExchangeAt RME, there is no base speculation size. This is especially consoling for new financial specialists wanting to try things out before moving over their customary venture records to gold IRAs. So as to guarantee the solace and security of financial specialists, RME delegates will set aside an ideal opportunity to talk about speculation opportunities, permitting customers to have the last say. Installments are made by guaranteed check, individual check, direct store, money or wire exchange; contingent upon the financial specialist’s close to home inclination.

Most financial specialists stress over the ramifications of offers expense on their gold buys. The uplifting news is that RME’s central station are situated in Arizona, a state in which there is at present no business charge on valuable metals. Commissions and extra expenses are additionally an impressive stress for financial specialists. On a positive note, RME does not add any extra charges far beyond ventures. There will, on the other hand, be a sensible ostensible, assembled in IRA charge that will be utilized to keep the record in consistence with critical IRS regulations taking into account your coveted caretaker.

Similarly as with any IRA account, a gold IRA record will require somebody or some foundation to go about as overseer. RME has procured the administrations of Sunwest Trust to go about as caretaker of self-coordinated IRAs. Overseers are for the most part in charge of keeping the majority of the research material in a self-coordinated gold IRA a la mode.

To offer speculators more security, Sunwest Trust and RME have grouped together with Brinks, an organization that takes pride in its defensively covered truck and security administrations. This safe is not subject to the wards coming upon different organizations in the keeping money framework, and is consequently ready to give customers stellar administration 365 days a year.

RME endeavors to give customers the best in gold IRA administrations. Obviously, this organization urges potential customers to do as much research and examination as important. With an end goal to cover everything to offer financial specialists, guests to the RME site ought to consider investigating the accessible rundown of top suggested organizations on our site.

Heritage Gold Group Review

lear capital
Official WebsiteHeritageGoldGroup.com
Phone Support855-465-3472
BCA Accredited RatingAAA (On a scale of AAA to F)
28 Complaints
BBB Accredited RatingA+ (On a scale of A+ to F)
27 Complaints
TrustLink Reviewstl_5stars_lg(Based on 69+ reviews)
Fraud LawsuitNil
IRA Transfer Process14 Days
401(K) Rollover ProcessUnknown
Metals DeliveryUnknown
Setup Fees$0
Annual Admin Fees$100
Annual Storage Fees$125
Preferred CustodianSterling Trust
Preferred DepositoryNot Disclosed
Min Purchase AmountNot Disclosed
PromotionsWaives for first 3 years fees

Retirement is not kidding business, and that is the reason it is basic to settle on brilliant choices with respect to your Individual Retirement Account, or IRA. With the current financial flimsiness and the trickiness of stocks, numerous people that are searching for a stable and solid retirement asset are starting to put resources into gold. One of the primary reasons that putting resources into gold has ended up promising is that the worth is as of now rising, and with more nations entering the world economy, the estimation of gold will just reach new statures because of interest. One of the fundamental firms that are included in gold speculations is Heritage Gold Group, which will be checked on in this piece.


HGGAs a division of Goldco Direct, this firm was set up in the year 2006, implying that it doesn’t have drawn out involvement in the administrations that it offers. Its administrations are mostly centered around changing over customer’s 401(k) and IRAs into metals, for example, gold, silver, and platinum. Moreover, as a backup of Goldco Direct, customers don’t just work together specifically with the organization they join with, yet they likewise have another firm included. This sort of course of action can convolute the speculation prepare and diminish clarity and straightforwardness.


There are three sorts of valuable metals that are accessible for one to change over their IRA into. The metals are gold, platinum, and silver. Before starting the venture prepare, the firm will straightforwardly mail out a handout for potential clients to take in more about their administrations. While there are no record expenses for the initial three years that are connected with the speculation, once the three years arrive at an end, the firm will start charging. There is no sum determined in the matter of the amount it expenses to hold a record, as there is an absence of data advertised.

Besides, the sort of gold speculation process for this organization is a self-coordinated IRA. A self-coordinated IRA puts the client in control of their venture, and it is an awesome choice for firms that offer their clients direction. For this situation, the level of direction is by all accounts insignificant.

Customer Reviews

Before contributing with any organization, it is significant to audit their record. The two best sources that give potential financial specialists outstanding data are Ripoff Report and the Better Business Bureau.

As per the Ripoff Report, there has been one objection issued against this organization. The grievance was composed by an unsatisfied client who was disappointed with the administrations gave. Then again, an upgrade is likewise recorded for the protest, which clarifies that the grievance was false.

With respect to the BBB, there are no issues or objections recorded for this organization. It has accomplished a positive rating by and large.

Last Thoughts

Generally speaking, Heritage Gold Group has picked up a positive upstanding so as to rate sources. On the other hand, it ought to be noticed that there is an absence of data with respect to administrations offered, and the firm has not been in the calling of gold speculations for a long term of time. The little number of years can imply that clients are joining an organization that might not have the same aptitude as a since quite a while ago settled firm, and it likewise means that option sources ought to additionally be considered.

Regal Assets Review

regal assets
Official Websitewww.RegalAssets.com
Phone Support1-888-910-0907
BCA Accredited RatingAAA (On a scale of AAA to F)
0 Complaint
BBB Accredited RatingA+ (On a scale of A+ to F)
0 Complaint
TrustLink Reviewstl_5stars_lg(540+ Reviews)
Fraud LawsuitNil
New IRA SetupWithin 24 business hours
IRA Transfer ProcessWithin 48 business hours
401(K) Rollover Process15-30 days
Metals Delivery7 days
Setup Fees$0
Annual Admin Fees$100
Annual Storage Fees$150 (flat rate)
Preferred CustodianNew Direction IRA
Preferred DepositoryBrinks, Salt Lake City
Min Purchase Amount$10,000
PromotionsWaives first year fees.
7-Day delivery guarantee.

There is an increasing trend for investment portfolios to include precious metals such as gold and silver because of the greater returns they provide as compared to cash-based assets. This applies no matter what the income group of the investor or the purpose of the investments, whether it is to build up a retirement fund, to have a legacy for your heirs or to make short-term gains. To exploit this opportunity, first-time investors need to find the right precious metals company for them that has the best product range and will give the necessary support.

One such company, which has a high reputation among both clients and industry observers, is Regal Assets (RA). Across almost all recent reviews of gold IRA products, RA retains a market leader position. Nevertheless, potential investors should not make decisions merely on the basis of good ratings. We need to take a closer look at the company and everything it offers and see how it measures up.

Regal Assets – the Company

The company is based in Burbank and has more than 50 years of experience in the field of precious metals. It has a range of products available to investors who wish to investigate investment in expensive metals, backed by a team of experts in the area who can provide high quality guidance.

One of the best k2013 financial service regal assetsnown firms in this business, the company has a high public and media profile that includes mention in the Forbes Investment Guide for 2013 and it was ranked number 20 for financial services in the US by Inc. Magazine.

Investment Options

There are a number of options from which customers can choose so as to suit their own financial objectives. These include pre-defined asset portfolios, proof coins, bullion bars and IRA plans based on precious metals. Both small and large investors are catered for, with cash IRA options from as low as $5,000 investment, while IRA plans based on high value metals start at $10,000. There are attractive options for short-term and long-term investors as well as the one-off client.

Delivery and Storage

RA prides itself on having one of the quickest delivery systems in the industry and it retains full responsibility for shipments until they are safely in storage. All metals are fully insured during shipment and customers have the facility to use a tracking number to track orders.

Cash orders are delivered within 7 days of funds being received and RA even compensates customers with a one ounce Silver American Eagle in the event of a delay in a 7 day delivery guarantee. This 7 day delivery promise also applies to IRAs, once the funds reach the account and the prices are frozen. By comparison, the delivery schedules of some competitors may be as long as 30 to 90 days.

For storage, RA uses the services of Brinks and gold and silver corresponding to any one account are stored in a separate area, for no extra charge.

Pricing Policy

In a highly competitive industry, the Regal Assets pricing policy offers the considerable advantage to the customer of a flat fee structure. A flat fee of $250 per annum, consisting of $100 for administration and $150 for storage, is charged for precious metal IRAs, irrespective of the size of the account. By comparison, competitors charge fees that are often scaled according to the size of the investment and a charge is usually made for individualized storage.

Among the other advantages of RA fee policy is that the company makes it easy for investors to cash in and take their profits by offering to buy back the gold and silver at an amount greater than the spot price; RA also levies no charge for setting up an account or for IRA rollovers (subject to some conditions) and waives all fees for the first year. All in all, the RA fee system is difficult to beat.

Response Time

In addition to its excellent delivery service, all of RA’s interactions with customers are quick and efficient. Within 24 hours, an investment account can be established and be in a position to make the first transaction in the precious metals business. Requests for transfer of funds are completed within 48 hours, while liquidating precious holdings can be done within 2 days.

Digital systems are used by the company to process all transactions and to file documents making for efficiency and ease of use for the customer.

Customer Service

Good customer service is at the heart of RA’s business approach. Making expert advice available to its customer at all times of the day and tailoring it to the client’s needs are the hallmarks of Regal Assets. Their website has a wealth of information and the company even provides, on request, a free gold investment kit. Great customer service is what gives investors confidence that their investments will be secure.

Accreditation and Ratings

Indications of the company’s high standing are the A+ rating it has from Better Business Bureau, AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance and a 5-star rating from Trustlink, all based on over 500 reviews. No complaints against the company have been lodged within recent years. To ensure that its rare and collectible coins are authentic, RA uses the services of prestigious professional and trade bodies such as Certified Coin Exchange, Numismatic Conservation Service and Professional Coin Grading Service.

Rolling-over your IRA to Regal Assets

1. The first step is to complete the form you will find at the web address, https://www.regalassets.com/account-setup/. That same business day, RA will send you by email the required IRA documents which must be filled out in full, signed electronically and returned by email, making for an efficient, paperless process.

2. After submission of a signed document, a new IRA account will be set up for you within 24 hours and you will an email notification of the IRA number. You will then get documents relating to the transfer request, again electronically, and your response can be returned by email. Once the company’s IRA department receives the transfer request, it will make contact with your current asset custodian and arrange for the transfer of funds to your IRA account.email1

3. RA will keep you informed of each stage of the transfer process by telephone or email, the only company in the business that does so. An account executive will be assigned to you and will contact you as soon as funds have reached your IRA account. The account executive will advise you on the opportunities for buying high end metals and will ascertain from you which metals you wish to purchase and will at the same time confirm the prices.

4. Once the price of the metals has been fixed, the purchase proceeds with funds from your account. Within 7 working days the metals are shipped to the Brinks storage facility. RA is the only company that has this 7 day delivery guarantee. You are informed when the metals reach Brinks. You then have the facility of seeing your gold and silver online. You can also check the status of your account online at any time of day or night.


The significant advantages that Regal Assets enjoys over its competitors make it the ideal choice for all precious metal investors, whether they are new or experienced. IRA holders who wish to diversify their investments and take advantage of the excellent return from precious metals are particularly well served by the company.

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Regal Assets Contacts

Phone Support: 1-888-910-0907
Address: 2600 W. Olive Avenue, 5th Floor, Burbank, CA 91505

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