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Top 10 Precious Metals IRA Companies Reviews

With stock market corrections wiping out gains earned precariously over the course of months and years, an increasing number of investors are looking for financial safe havens. Precious metals can act as the firm foundation of your retirement portfolio. A precious metals IRA is the safest and most lucrative way to preserve your retirement security.

In the last few years, the competition for investment clients has grown considerably. Once, it was difficult to find more than a handful of custodians willing to permit a gold IRA. Now, the practice has become common.

This is good news for the investor. However, it also requires much more circumspection on their part in order to find companies that can provide quality service. One may check rating from trustworthy third parties, e.g. Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), Better Business Bureau (BBB) & TrustLink as reference.

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10 such competitors are worthy of remarks in today’s market.

#1 Regal AssetsRegal Assets

BBB:    A+
TrustLink: tl_5stars_lg (540+ Reviews)

Regal Assets is leading way ahead of its competitors in terms of customer service, pricing, accreditation & ratings etc. It is more than just a gold or silver IRA custodian.

The people at this company are incredibly enthusiastic about the importance of gold, silver and the other precious metals in any portfolio, whether it is designed for retirement or other purposes. When you contact them after reviewing their user-friendly website, you will encounter representatives that are eager to walk you through the steps required to start a self-directed IRA or rollover an already established retirement fund into a portfolio focused on physical gold and other similar options.

Full Regal Assets Review  star rating

#2 Goldco Directgoldco direct

BBB:    A+
TrustLink: tl_5stars_lg (115+ Reviews)

Plenty of investors feel a little intimidated by the idea of investing in something as real and solid as gold or silver. Banking with confidence on commodities like these for retirement requires knowledge beyond a passing familiarity with the attractive qualities of gold and silver. Investors need some assurances and Goldco Direct is happy to oblige. After starting a gold IRA with this company, you can avoid account fees for three years.

Nevertheless, you might not feel so confident when you look for more information about why gold and other metals are good investments. Goldco Direct seems to rely on people taking their word for it rather than treating their clients as counterparts in the search for a reliable investment.

Full Goldco Direct Review  star rating

#3 Heritage Gold Groupheritagegold

BBB:    A+
TrustLink:  (69+ Reviews)

When you invest in precious metals, you hear a lot about charts. Heritage Gold Group is one of several businesses in this sector of the market that tries hard to inform its clients. On its website, you can study charts showing the price histories of gold, silver, platinum and even palladium. After this good showing, though, the website really fails to make it easy to invest in precious metals with an IRA.

Full Heritage Gold Group Review  star rating

#4 Birch Gold Groupbirch gold

BBB:    A+
TrustLink: tl_4_5stars_lg (40+ Reviews)

A lot of companies focus on gold when they talk with potential clients about investment opportunities in this area. Birch Gold happily shares opportunities with its clients and its prospective clients with regard to silver as well. This less-valued metal actually provides investors with similar advantages and earning opportunities.

Birch Gold does not offer a selection of metals as broad as that offered by their competition in Regal Assets. Otherwise, it provides clients with strong information and a thorough education in gold.

Full Birch Gold Group Review  star rating

#5 Rosland Capitalrosland capital

BBB:    A
TrustLink: tl_2_5stars_lg (15+ Reviews)

Coins are not the only form of investment in precious metals. Your IRA can legally hold a number of different assets made from gold, silver, platinum and even palladium. At the Rosland Capital website, you can quickly learn more about the bars of various sizes issued by several different global manufacturers.

Unfortunately, Rosland depends on celebrity plugs to promote an otherwise bland approach to selling gold.

Full Roslan Capital Review  star rating

#6 GoldSilverlexi capital

BBB:    N/A
TrustLink: tl_5stars_lg (<5 Reviews)

GoldSilver charges sensibly all around, in view of its offerings and involvement in the excessive metals industry. Represent considerable authority in costly metals exchanging and ventures, they offer straightforward dealings, aggressive evaluating and customized direction to its customers. Exceptionally appraised by BCA, GoldSilver likewise appreciates a 5-star rating at TrustLink.

Full GoldSilver Review  star rating

#7 United Gold Directunited gold direct

BCA:    N/A
BBB:    A+
TrustLink: tl_5stars_lg (18 Reviews)

Regardless of being a presumed contender and having many years of encounters in the valuable metals contributing rivalry, United Gold Direct still needs a ton of work to draw the consideration of the clients. The firm houses a specialist group of experts; arrangements in each of the four valuable metals, and in addition gold IRA rollover.

Full United Gold Direct Review  star rating

#8 Lexi Capitallexi capital

BCA:    N/A
BBB:    A-
TrustLink: tl_5stars_lg (<5 Reviews)

The present condition of the market has a lot to do with the practices of many people who are still working overtime to convince investors that flimsy paper stocks and bonds are going to stand the test of time. The founders of Lexi Capital set out a few years ago to work transparently with their clients.

Lexi is respectable and would rank higher than it does but its staff is not as experienced as the people working for companies like Regal Assets.

Full Lexi Capital Review  star rating

#9 Morgan Goldmorgan gold

BCA:    B
BBB:    C
TrustLink: tl_4_5stars_lg (5+ Reviews)

Always highly-ranked in online reviews, Morgan Gold offers a wide range of products to its IRA investors. This broad selection, however, has not helped it to avoid consistently bad ratings with agencies such as the BBB.

Full Morgan Gold Review  star rating

#10 Blanchardblanchard

BBB:    A+
TrustLink:    –                             BLANK

Offering a small selection of gold and silver products for its clients, Blanchard makes its mark with its impressive home page and website design. However, looking past the homepage, prospective clients may be disappointed by explanations that fail to be as lucid or as easy to follow as those found at competitor websites.

Full Blanchard Review  star rating

There are a lot of good choices out there when you need to select a company to manage your costly metals IRA account. Some of these companies rank highly in terms of competency, transparency and quality of service.

However, there is no question that Regal Assets is ahead of the pack. Combining breadth of opportunity with enthusiasm and an earnest desire to educate clients about the value of gold, this company offers investors real retirement security based on precious metals.

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